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Erosion Control

Erosion BarrierOne of the greatest environmental concerns we face these days is soil erosion. This is a widespread problem due to urbanization and ongoing construction projects. When buildings and roadways are constructed, the land is ripped up and dug out, exposing the soil to possible erosion. 

Harmful Effects of Erosion

Sediments that are dug up during construction can find their way into the city’s water system through storm sewers, storm grates and storm inlets. This includes both large and small projects (such as the new home being built on your block).

 Because of the potential danger to our environment, the government has required contractors to take measures to ensure that soil and sediment stay in place, are contained and kept out of our water system.

Erosion Solutions

Soil Tech Advance, Inc., has been in business for over 20 years. We have the experience and the crews to help you with any sized construction project. We understand that time is money. We have extensive knowledge of the requirements set forth by The Texas Department of Transportation, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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Stormwater Environmental Construction Requirements Video

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